last trip: the town of Oxford, Maryland

Oxford ferryIMG_3093

We have come to think of Labor Day weekend as our last chance at summer—last dip in the pool, last ride on the boat, last burger on the grill, last stroll on the beach, last ice cream cone, and so on. The days will get busier and shorter and chillier, and so we throw ourselves into a long weekend of all things “summer.” And even if it isn’t actually “the end” (for September can be warm and full of outdoor activities), sometimes a symbolic end is just as meaningful, if not more so than the real thing. Read more

a light, late summer supper

onthresholds_table with ferns and blue candlesticksFullSizeRender 16


August can be a tricky month—one minute we are frolicking in the sea and sand, and the next we are shopping for school supplies and getting back into a hectic daily routine. So, I thought I’d share this recipe for The Simplest Salade Nicoise because not only is simple what many of us need right now, but also because it allows us to use some of the late summer fresh vegetables and tuna in a jar or in a can (see note below about this!). It’s perfect for this time of year: elegant without being fussy, so it would be nice for Sunday supper, and, light and quick enough for a weeknight after a busy day. Read more

Sundays at the farmers’ market

Onthresholds_Sunflowers at FMIMG_3054

These late summer days have brought sudden storms and torrential rain followed by glorious days with billowing clouds, soft winds, and no humidity. They’ve brought sunflowers and dahlias and peaches and sugar snap peas. And, for me, the feeling that I must get to the farmers’ market for all of these things, not to mention the best tomatoes and corn on the cob before they are gone for the season. Read more

are you dreaming of a Preakness picnic like I am?

onthresholds_white wisteria

Spring in Baltimore means Preakness.

But even though I grew up in the Baltimore area (my grandfather actually lived in the Pimlico neighborhood), I’ve never been to the Preakness.  Still, for me, like so many of us from around here, it’s just part of the fabric of life. Because even if you don’t attend the race itself, it’s all about the Preakness on the 3rd Saturday of May. Read more

a snow day

brick path and snow_onthresholds

We have had a late snowfall, and now, for a moment, the sun is shining on the snow and the ice and my words on the page. But really it has been a bit of a flop of a snowstorm; we are very underwhelmed with it, for we thought we would be watching it come down for hours and that there would be mounds of snow and snowdrifts and heavy winds. The forecast was for a blizzard. Read more

not in love with Valentine’s Day?


This morning was cold and the sun was shining and maybe I fell a little in love with Valentine’s Day (I’ve never been a big fan) when I went window shopping (which, like walking the streets of my town and looking at old houses and gardens, is something I do when I’m stuck in the middle of a sentence or a paragraph or a thought that is more muddled than clear). Read more

New Year’s Day


This morning on my walk through the streets of our town I saw the white doors of a church open at the top of the very steep steps that lead to them, and inside there was music and the twinkling of lights. A man held the door open for a couple saying, Happy New Year. And they crossed the threshold…

From our house to yours, our very best wishes for a happy, healthy New Year, filled with beauty and laughter and joy in the everyday. We thank you for reading the blog and following along on this journey that we hope has only just begun…