potted primrose

The simplest things. Sometimes that’s all we need. A potted primrose to brighten our day or a corner of a room or a neglected windowsill.

I love the name primrose because it sounds rather grand, but really it’s not. It’s early blooming (late winter, early spring) and short-lived and practically underfoot (sometimes it is altogether missed, especially if it’s growing in woodlands).

Somewhere along the line, I found myself noticing them.

The primrose (primula vulgaris) is a flowering perennial that is lovely in borders, pots, window boxes, rock gardens, or greenhouses. (I recently found very healthy potted primroses at the grocery store for just over two dollars.) And they make a fine hostess gift, as well as a subject for art.


Cezanne painted them potted and pretty alongside fruit in this rustic still life.


Onthresholds_primrose by Mary Delaney

And Mary Delaney crafted a paper mosaic botanical print of the primrose (one of many that she made of various plants when she was well in into her 80s).

In a book that sits on my desk called The Meaning of Flowers it says that the English are particularly fond of it, and that England “carries a primrose in her heart” (if you are a fan of The Crown like I have become, you will ponder this idea even more…).

My book also says that the primrose stands for youth and hope. For this alone, I think they are worth noticing. I do hope that you come across one during these late winter days…

Onthresholds_my desk with books

2 thoughts on “the primrose

  1. Primroses are one of my favorites. I’m trying to make a primrose path along the back of my shed, and I love them in the house because they last so very long, and then one can plant them in the garden. Nice post.


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