Onthresholds_Sunflowers at FMIMG_3054

These late summer days have brought sudden storms and torrential rain followed by glorious days with billowing clouds, soft winds, and no humidity. They’ve brought sunflowers and dahlias and peaches and sugar snap peas. And, for me, the feeling that I must get to the farmers’ market for all of these things, not to mention the best tomatoes and corn on the cob before they are gone for the season.

Onthresholds_peaches at FMMG_3060.JPG

The largest farmers’ market in Baltimore City is under the Jones Fall Expressway on Sunday mornings, and, though it is not a glamorous place, it has its own kind of enchantment (shall we say in a Baltimore kind of way). There is the strong scent of the herbs and flowers and the hot oil for homemade crepes and the sound of the banjo being played and the cars driving overhead. There are crowds of people, long lines at Zeke’s Coffee and Dangerously Delicious Pies.

Onthresholds_lisianthus at FMIMG_3056

I love to take it all in, walking around once without buying anything except for my tray of Miquis Magnificent Mini Donuts buried in powdered sugar. I always find something new to me, like the “build your own bouquet” at Two Boots Farm that I found this past Sunday. And I can’t leave without Michele’s Granola …, and oh, one more bunch of sunflowers and a watermelon.

Onthresholds_fruit table at FMIMG_3059

There is always at least one familiar face and catching up, and an interesting encounter, like the woman selling green beans who admired my bunch of flowers and told me (in great detail) how she always bought some herself to mix in with the flowers from her own garden.

Onthresholds_build your own bouquet at FMIMG_3057.JPG

Like so many others, I have come to value buying my food from the source, and I deeply appreciate the hard work of local farmers and craftspeople…because of them I can start my week with the simple pleasures of a tomato sandwich on fresh country sourdough bread and a beautiful bouquet on my dining room table.

Onthresholds_sunflowers at farmers marketIMG_3062

Please let me know your favorite farmers’ market moments and finds! Happy Sunday and thank you, dear readers, for reading!

IOnthresholds_flowers from FM MG_3058

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