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Very soon we are heading down to Atlanta and then Americus, Georgia. We will be attending a wedding and doing some work for a larger project, which we will be sharing parts of on the blog.

In Atlanta, our focus will be on the Margaret Mitchell House, where the author lived in an apartment on the lower level of the house from 1925-1932, and where she wrote the iconic novel Gone With the Wind.

One of her biographers, Anne Edwards, describes the interior like this:

The Marshes (Mitchell’s married name) quickly named their small apartment at 17 Crescent Avenue the “Dump.” Throughout the bitterly cold winter of 1925 to 1926, the Dump was probably the warmest, liveliest small place in Atlanta. Peggy set to work painting it herself. Furnished in an off-beat style with family hand-me-downs, the apartment could have been set in the heart of Greenwich Village. It consisted of two cramped rooms, a galley kitchen, and a bath on the ground floor of a three-story red brick building. Large, brightly patterned and tasseled silk scarves covered the faded, lumpy couch and the scratched surfaces of table and chests. Makeshift shelves were jammed with Peggy’s prized historical volumes and her collection of contemporary poetry and fiction.

We are looking forward to seeing this historical home and having more to say and show you soon. Also please join us on Instagram as we journey down South!

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