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Spring in Baltimore means Preakness.

But even though I grew up in the Baltimore area (my grandfather actually lived in the Pimlico neighborhood), I’ve never been to the Preakness.  Still, for me, like so many of us from around here, it’s just part of the fabric of life. Because even if you don’t attend the race itself, it’s all about the Preakness on the 3rd Saturday of May.

Onthresholds_preakness_1So instead of going, I’m dreaming up my perfect Preakness picnic, which could be packed up and taken anywhere I suppose (even to the couch in front of the television), to celebrate the day in a quiet way.

This is the picnic I’m dreaming of:

  1. Old-fashioned pimento cheese and toasted sesame crackers;
  2. Strawberries;
  3. Crab cakes on Kaiser rolls with mustard;
  4. Utz Potato Chips;
  5. A whole Smith Island Cake (since it’s a dream. In reality, I’m sure I’d have Berger Cookies, which are not elegant but absolutely inimitable and much more practical);
  6. A bottle of Prosecco for me and National Bohemian for him;
  7. Black-eyed Susans in a Mason jar (except they are not in season yet, so maybe a nice bunch of peonies would be more practical, if this were not a dream).

And, it is all perfectly arranged in an English style basket with a thermos of strong coffee and a snip of Baileys as the finishing touch (I’m leaving Baltimore behind at this point).

What does your dream Preakness picnic look like? I’d love to hear about it…


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