A long time ago I read something, somewhere about sweet peas that has stayed with me. (My first inclination is to give Martha Stewart credit for this tip even though she seems to get the credit for everything in the “Home and Garden” world…did she really come up with it all? Or is it that she knows how to get the word out in a stylish, fresh way? And yet, when she is instructing us about something, it feels a bit awkward, if you know what I mean…). What I learned was to soak sweet pea seeds (you can find them at the grocery store) in a glass of water the night before St. Patrick’s Day. Then, on St. Patrick’s Day while your corned beef and cabbage are roasting and your homemade soda bread is baking (now I know it was Martha!), plant the seeds in pots, or if the weather is warm, in the garden. I’ve actually had success with this, and it’s worth a try for the papery blooms and whimsical, twirling tendrils of the sweet pea in spring.


ps–sweet peas above from http://www.locoflo.com/