This morning was cold and the sun was shining and maybe I fell a little in love with Valentine’s Day (I’ve never been a big fan) when I went window shopping (which, like walking the streets of my town and looking at old houses and gardens, is something I do when I’m stuck in the middle of a sentence or a paragraph or a thought that is more muddled than clear). I like to go one town over to Main Street in Old Ellicott City before the shops have opened so that I don’t feel like I have to go in and buy something (because it is a weakness of mine like so many others I suppose). And I’m always amazed at what people do with shop windows—the little vignettes and still lifes and lovely scenes, really, meant to entice (or in my case distract). What I found this morning were some very intriguing ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts like a ruby red shift dress or a vintage wool lady-like coat or dusty mauve wine glasses or a firefly brooch or a beautiful old plate or a used book—a novel like Wuthering Heights or a collection of botanical prints…and, well, I could go on but you get the idea I’m sure.