On the Saturday after Thanksgiving I found myself in a secondhand shop (despite saying that I was not going out). My daughter and her friend were going for coffee, so we all decided that it would do us good to walk into town on a cool, bright afternoon. They went inside the coffee shop and I walked across the street to the secondhand store that was brimming with customers and buzzing with holiday music. Everything “Christmas” was 50% off. I have recently been on the lookout for vintage cards and postcards, but I really hadn’t gone there for anything in particular, which might be why I found the perfect thing…tiny Christmas wreaths with a dusting of snow for a dollhouse, just like I had as a little girl. They were in the original packaging (looking quite dated like everything else in the shop), they were fifty cents (with the sale going on), and they were exactly what I needed for the small zinc village I bought new this year. I just cannot resist small houses or buildings or anything to go along with such things, and I can never seem to let anything new be new for very long.