a reader’s “first line” story

~by Ashley Tieperman

She said she didn’t need flowers, but I said you always need flowers, especially on Monday.

She looked up at me like I spoke a foreign language, rolling her eyes at the thought of spending hard-earned money on a bouquet that would die.

So I bought my bouquet, and she didn’t. She bought her cantaloupe and her green beans—real, fresh food, she said, that my husband will appreciate.

A few weeks later, I went to her house for lunch. And that’s when I noticed it: a fresh bouquet.

“I love the flowers,” I said. I couldn’t help but smile.

She never looked up from washing her blueberries. “Oh, they were a gift,” she said.

Part of me wanted to believe her, that someone had them delivered for her birthday or brought them over for an illness.

But part of me didn’t believe it. I imagined her coming home from our day at the market and telling her husband over their dinner with fresh green beans, “I’m going to start buying flowers…I don’t know, just because. We can afford it…I need this.”

I wanted to believe she had gone alone and picked out the most beautiful blooms to care for. Just because it made her feel like there’s still some beauty left in the world.


(See August 22nd post for the writing prompt and send in yours…)



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