~ for Sofie

When you have a houseguest coming (one from another country, one you only met briefly in a whole other country), you worry that things might be awkward, and you want everything to be comfortable and nice. The guest room gets freshly painted (—well, it just became the quest room but that is another story), menus and outings are planned and so on. Preparing for a houseguest in general can rattle you a bit, and even if you’ve read all of Martha Stewart’s tips on properly entertaining guests and preparing the guest room (fresh towels and hand-milled soaps and bottled water…is this a hotel?), real life has a way of messing things up.

We’ve all been there: we have had the houseguest from hell (or perhaps we have been one ourselves).

But when you have a houseguest who is quiet and thoughtful and interesting, who joins in on a backyard lacrosse session when she’s never picked up a stick in her life, whose Instagram quote says,“joy is the best makeup” and she truly embodies that—when this is the case, as it was for us recently, then not only are the gifts of chocolate very special, but the houseguest is missed and remembered fondly.

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