wallpapering in progress_onthresholds

I’m absolutely obliged to revisit the wallpaper story that I wrote about a couple of weeks ago… (see “Wallpaper Ladies” July 28) because some things have changed. I still love wallpaper, and now, my foyer, stairwell, and upstairs hallway are almost finished being papered in a lovely toile and we are quite pleased. What I need to say is that I might have given (and gotten) the wrong impression of the lady in the wallpaper store (although I still think I wasn’t entirely off the mark). Since my last encounter with her, we have had two very pleasant exchanges (buying the rolls and buying more rolls because we ran out), and in fact, I would go back to her shop if the need ever arose (which of course I hope it does). And I would use the wallpaper man that she recommended again (even though at one point in this whole process I was a tiny bit afraid of him and he was a tiny bit annoyed at me), because his work is exceptional—he is a true craftsman.

So, the story isn’t quite over yet…the wallpaper man returns today to finish…

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