Orchid Room empty_onthresholds

 When will the orchids be back in the orchid room? Soon, very soon. Do you have any perennial cuttings to share? I don’t think so. We are having a community gardening day on Friday across the street with a church youth group. Can you help? Yes. Is this the zoo? No. Are these plants for sale? Some. My husband proposed to me here. Very nice. Do you take credit cards? Not today. Where is the corpse flower?…it’s all over the news that it’s blooming. Not here. Is this the botanical garden? Isn’t there just one? No, there are many. What happens if a palm tree grows too big for the palm house? It is removed. Is that hard to do? Very. Does it break the glass? Has the glass ever been broken? I don’t think so. I’ve lived in this neighborhood most of my life but I’ve never been here. Glad you finally came. Was this the reptile house? No. Never? Never. If we have the wedding reception here, where will we dance? Here in the pavilion and there among the flowers and the palms…

To find out more about the world of the gardens and being a volunteer visit their website http://www.rawlingsconservatory.org/


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